Refund Policy

Refund policy

Since the Website offers non-tangible, irrevocable goods we do not provide refunds after the product is purchased, which you acknowledge prior to purchasing any product on the Website. Please make sure that you’ve carefully read service description before making a purchase.

Contacting us

If you would like to contact us concerning any matter relating to this Refund Policy, you maa

It is refundable only when the refund of a payment was requested not later than 7 days after the payment has been registered. There would be no returns for partial usage of the service or for the period when your account was canceled.

A request for a refund shall be sent to SoftRetic support at [email protected] The request will be processed within 7 working days.

Refund is possible only within 7 days preceding filing the request and only if your account has not been used unless there are other legal grounds for refund to be granted.

You can cancel the account any time: however, you will be responsible for all payments arising from using the service at the end of full accounting month. In the next accounting month you will not be charged.